A simple, quick habit for an engaging page

We’re going to travel near some dangerous waters – American politics! – but don’t worry, we are licensed social media professionals and there is an important lesson to learn.

Justin Amash is a member of the House of Representatives, and has a Facebook page hereEvery time he votes on a piece of legislation, he posts a simple explanation of how he voted. For or against, and why.

Simple. And very, very powerful.

Because he has connected posting on his page with another piece of his life that is (1) relevant and (2) occurs often, he doesn’t need to think about how to keep his page active. It just is active. He doesn’t need a posting schedule, he doesn’t need a brilliant strategy, all he needs is to remember a single thing: one vote, one update.

The other smart thing about this trick is that he doesn’t really even have to create the content. Every vote he makes he has already needed to think about, and already talked about and discussed. So the ideas are running around in his head, just waiting to be organized a little and typed out.

We’re starting to apply this kind of thinking to our page. We don’t vote on legislation, of course, but we do release new features. So, whenever we release a new feature, we try to post a simple update about it. The people who’ve liked our page (over 200,000 so far!) are interested in the app, and it seems they’d be interested in tidbits of news about it. And it doesn’t take much effort, because we’ve already put a lot of thought into whatever the new feature is — all we have to do is type it up.

What do you do every day or two that you can connect to your Facebook page? Start posting to your page whenever you do it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and valuable it is. :)




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