Visitor mode

Many of you have asked if there was a way you could preview your tabs exactly as they appear for visitors of your page. No admin editor, no navigation bar at the top of the tab, just what the user sees. The most common workaround has been to log out of Facebook, see what the tab looks like, and log back in. What a bother.

So, taking a cue from you all asking for it, we built a simple way for you to toggle visitor mode for any tab. Just add “&app_data=visitor_mode” to the end of any tab url, and even if you are an admin of the page, you will see the tab exactly like a visitor.

We’ve added a little note inside the app, so that you can always easily remember how to access this. Nifty, even if we say so ourselves. And we can, because it wasn’t actually our idea to start with. :)

Also, hopefully this makes it more clear what admins see, and what fans see. I.e., the admin bar at the top isĀ only visible to page admins. We had never spelled that out before, and it caused a lot of confusion. Now the difference between admin mode and visitor mode is specifically called out, and admins can switch between the two modes at ease. :)

Visitor mode notice in app



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